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May 2, 2020 | Work

Website composition screens Fat Fluffs no background

Website design for a rabbit rescue

Anyone that knows me, knows I am a huge animal lover and supporter of animal rescues. I’ve known the team at Fat Fluffs for many years, so when founder Chloe mentioned their website was desperate for an update I offered to re-build it at a reduced charity rate. Then Covid-19 and lockdown happened so I switched my vastly reduced cost to free!

Animal rescues have suffered during lockdown, with no government help and usual fundraising activities necessarily put on hold. Funds needed to be carefully managed to cover essential care and ever present vet bills! I was one of the fortunate to receive a self employed hand out from the government, so while business was slow it made sense to give it a little back where it was needed.

The pace of the build actually sped up rapidly with enforced quarantine and video chats with Chloe became a regular daytime activity. Who knew it could all be so much fun?!

My main aim for the site was to make it easy for the team to manage and update easily. Keen bloggers and active event organisers, the team needed a place to share news with their supporters, the available rabbits page needed to be easy to update too as bunnies come and go.

Along with ease of use, the website did of course need to be on brand, easy to navigate and contain all the relevant information. With the old site still live, we set about selecting, re-writing and re-organising the content before putting it all together again, in a cleaner, more vibrant site.

I built the site using Wix, which in my opinion, is a very user friendly platform with easy access controls. Once built I set up a separate Fat Fluffs account and transferred the whole project over. By working this way, the charity are able to have complete control of all updates and of course their choice of spend on a hosting through Wix.

Before transferring I added myself as a site admin, so I’m always only a text or call away if things get forgotten or moved or deleted by mistake, I check in on the site from time to time to make sure its all looking as it should!

So why not hop over and take a look? You can also find links to the Fat Fluffs social media pages to keep up to date with all their news and activities.