Covid-19 Small Business Support

Apr 27, 2020 | Work

Linella COVID 19 posters v5

When everything started to go a bit strange…

March this year was a decidedly odd time for many as the country went into lockdown due to Covid-19. The struggle for toilet paper and pasta became real and businesses were forced to close.

As people stayed at home making Tik Tok videos and baking banana bread my mind became ever more focused on how I could use my skills to prepare for a world after Covid. I wanted to help small businesses who were struggling or to help kick start new business ventures. Much as I love banana bread, I’m no baker so the option of offering free design support was more appealing and rewarding!

As a small business myself I was fortunate enough to be in receipt of some government funding. Sadly this wasn’t the case for many, Including Linella Dog Grooming, so with the help of ideas from business owner Tina, I set about creating leaflets and posters to help them communicate with their customers and help the transition back to business when the time came.

The designs were used in digital format on social media as well as printed for use on site and the feedback from the business and their clients was really positive! Although a very serious matter, I really enjoyed doing them too.